Mongodb fundamentals by Vinod Kayartaya

Mongodb fundamentals

20 lectures - 1 hr 0 mins

What's included?

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Course content

1 min
02-Overview of Mongodb.mp4
4 mins
7 mins
Dealing with data
04-Inserting documents.mp4
4 mins
05-Importing data.mp4
5 mins
06-Executing scripts.mp4
4 mins
07-save() v:s insert().mp4
2 mins
3 mins
2 mins
10-More queries.mp4
3 mins
11-$and $or $in Operators.mp4
5 mins
12-$where operator.mp4
3 mins
5 mins
14-The mapReduce function.mp4
5 mins
3 mins
Updating and deleting
16-Updating documents.mp4
5 mins
17-The upsert operation.mp4
3 mins
18-Updating multiple documents.mp4
3 mins
19-Removing documents.mp4
2 mins


  • Knowledge of JavaScript will help, but not necessary
  • Good internet connection to download the relevant software
  • Any decent text editor like SublimeText or Notepad++
  • Basic idea about any RDBMS would be of some help

What will you learn in this course?

  • Install and start Mongodb server
  • CRUD operations in Mongodb
  • Queries in Mongodb
  • Importing documents from external sources


Mongodb is a one of the most popular NO-SQL database management system today. As against the traditional RDBMS, it stores the data in an unnormalized way, in binary JSON format.

Mongodb is an open source document database. The name is derived from Humongous DB. This falls into the category of NO-SQL databases. The data in Mongodb is stored in an un-normalized format, as a collection of documents. A collection in Mongodb is equivalent of a table in RDBMS and a document is equivalent of a record. However, unlike a record, a document need not have the same structure as other documents in the same collection.

All the best!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested about the rapidly expanding world of NO-SQL alternate DBMS
  • Anyone looking for comparing RDBMS with NO-SQL databases
  • Database administrators and architects
  • Server-side developers planning to use Mongodb

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